How Log Will it Take? How Long Will it Take? Our customers frequently ask how long it takes to build a log home. Certainly, there are many factors at play, but we've developed this 4-page timeline booklet to help you anticipate the process. Yes, this looks overwhelming, but it's not. These steps are very similar to the ones necessary to construct a stick-built home, but most people don't see a written, comprehensive list like the one below. It's important to remember that Mill Town Log Cabins will navigate you throughout the process. That's our job! Owner Keith Ramsey works closely with your general contractor, who handles many of the details on this list, to make sure you have the best experience possible. Hopefully it will comfort you to see these steps and know that through the collaborative efforts Mill Town Log Cabins and Honest Abe's drafting manufacturing and delivery, the home you've always wanted will be yours forever.